Ferrita MP500 to run at Mantorp Park 4/5th October 2014

TTA i Anderstorp.
Micael Ljungström – ferrita

Famous for its ground-breaking advanced technology in the world of automotive exhaust components, ferrita is to put its name to the prestigious final race in the Swedish GT motorsport calender.  At the recent third round of the series in Karlskoga, the name “ferrita” was prominently displayed on many cars, and indeed one team was running in its colours.

Formerly a very successful racing driver himself,  Micael Ljungstrom, CEO of the organisation, said “We are at the forefront of exhaust technology in Sweden, and work closely with the Swedish military on various projects. Motorsport provides us with the opportunity to transfer the lessons learned on the race-track, directly to the ferrita products we sell. I see motorsport as an essential component in our product development. Our goal now is to expand the ferrita brand to other markets”.

The Ferrita MP500 event will be an additional race in the Swedish GT diary, and will give Scandinavia’s top GT drivers the chance to show their skills in a one-hour Motors TV special.

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